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Plastic Welding Rod

Plastic welding rod

Wir produzieren Schweißdraht aus Ihrem Granulat oder Pulver.
Welding rod made out of your resin or powder

Enjoy our quick service for Plastic Welding Rod.

We produce special welding rod of many thermoplastic raw materials, specially PE, PP, ABS, PC,PLA, PS, in all colours.

Applications are the rotomoulding industry, development of new products, repair of plastic parts and micro moulding with the Drader Injectiweld.
The welding rod can be used with the Drader Injectiweldn an Extruder or a hor air gun.

Diameter (nominal): 4 mm, gross weight 2.200 gr, approx. 200 m/spool.

We are specialised to produce plastic welding rod in short term.
(even single spools !)

You can send us your raw material to get your custom welding rod.

This custom welding rod fits perfect to your plastic parts and has

  • the same colour and
  • the same brightness as the welded part and
  • ideal mechanical properties.
Wir liefern den passenden schweißdraht zu Ihrem Produkt.
Application: Extrusion- and Injection-Welding

Using the proper welding rod is a precondition for a strong and long lasting weld. Manufacturers of plastic parts need the specially produced welding rod to get a invisible repair weld.

We have standard welding rod like PE-HD black or PP in stock as economic volume product.

For prototypes and developments we make tests to create new mixtures. We offer consulting services in all fields of plastic welding in prototyping, fabrication and volume production. Our customers can expect technically state of the art and cost optimised solutions in most fields of plastic welding

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Repair sticks for welding and repairing you bike facing, car bumper, canoe or all other thermoplastic materials.
The repair sticks can be used with the Welding iron T-80
orG-80 and with Hot Air Guns.

Dispenser for welding rod spools

For economic and safe work we are offering a tool for unrolling the spools of welding rod.

Die praktische Abrollhilfe für Schweißdrahtspulen