Drader Injectiweld

Handy, versatile and ideally suited for repairs

Advantages of the Injectiweld

The Injectiweld is a powerful and handy welding machine for plastics.

The replaceable welding tips are made of metal and are heated.

The drive is via compressed air.

The machine automatically pulls in the welding rod.

If you are looking for a professional plastic welder and want to do repairs, you will be very interested in the Injectiweld. The small size and low weight of the machine make it ideal for reaching hard-to-reach areas.

Drader Injectiweld

The Injectiweld uses replaceable heated welding tips.

The professional welder is universal and practical.


The difference to a conventional hand welding extruder is that the Injectiweld is not equipped with a screw but with a compressed-air driven barrel, which pulsatingly presses the melt into the joint at high pressure.

The result is a stable and reliable weld.

You can operate the machine with one hand as the weight of an electric motor with gearbox is saved.

The machine pulls in the welding rod from a spool, shears off small plastic discs and pushes them through the heated cylinder and through the welding tip.

The speed and temperature can be adjusted.

There is a suitable welding tip for your application.

There are various sizes of tips for welding in a corner, fillet for welding an X-weld or V-weld, for filling holes and blowholes as well as for tacking and riveting.

The metal tip is heated and melts into the plastic of your joining part through the oxidised surface.

A time-consuming preparation of the joining area, as in the case of welding with an extruder or a hot air blower, is not necessary in many cases.

The surrounding area remains cold and you can even weld thin plastic parts and plastic sheets, due to the targeted heat input through contact with the hot tip,

Popular and convincing

Save time and costs by repairing with the Injectiweld.

Repair broken and cracked plastic parts, fill holes and blowholes (very popular in rotary production), mend imperfections and manufacture new products, prototypes and in small series.

See for yourself how easy the Injectiweld is to use and how quickly your personnel will be trained and weld reliably.

Suitable for: ABS, ABS/PC, ASA, PA / Nylon, PC, PE, PP, PS, TPE, TPU

  • Power 400 W

    230 V / 50 Hz

  • compressed air drive 5,5 - 10,3 bar / 80 - 100 psi

    ~ 6 - 8 bar are ideal

  • Injection pressure < 100 x Luftdruck

    up to approx. 1,000 bar in a closed mould

  • Output 900 g/h


  • Welding temperature 230 - 300 °C


  • Dimension ~ 300 x 75 x 210 mm

    LxWxH without tip

  • Weight ~ 2.800 g

You will receive your Injectiweld as a set in a sturdy carrying case with two welding tips, an air filter and accessories.

Drader Injectiweld

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The spool with welding rod is put on the unroll stand and the rod is fed through the opening on the side.

You will unwind the rod without overlapping, tangling or knotting.
The rotary movement is slightly braked, so that the spool does not roll on uncontrolled, but stops when the welding rod is no longer pulled.

The Injectiweld generates a high melting pressure. You can even use it to inject into small moulds.

Assemble the Injectiweld in a machine stand and produce small prototypes and small batches. Bei größeren Objekten wird die Form vorgewärmt.

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