How to weld plastic?

Thermoplastics melt when you apply heat. Press the melted parts together. This results in a stable and reliable weld after cooling.

The most common methods use a welding rod as an additive. It is important that this plastic rod is made of the same material as the part to be joined.
Always weld with the plastic welding rod of the same type.

Weld plastic with a hot air tool.

A hot air gun is already suitable for many of your applications.

The hot air jet melts the joining part. You then feed the welding rod by hand and apply the welding rod on the joint with light pressure.

Welding plastics with a hot air gun is especially good for accessing hard-to-reach places, making small welds, welding in a corner, and making repairs.

Welding plastic with the Injectiweld.

The Injectiweld melts the plastic without hot air. This is done only by contact with the heated metal tip.

This advantage allows you to weld even thin plastics.

Der Injectiweld ist besonders beliebt um Fehlstellen auszubessern, wie zum Beispiel Löcher und Lunker in Rotationsteilen. The Injectiweld is also widely used for repairing broken and cracked plastic.

Due to its handiness and the exchangeable welding tips, the Injectiweld is also very suitable for manufacturing prototypes and small series.

Welding plastic with the extruder.

The extruder melts the surface of the plastic part with hot air.

The welding rod is transported steadily by a screw feeder.

The smooth weld is created by the PTFE welding shoe.

You use an extruder to weld containers and tanks, to make pipe connections and to produce stable construction elements.

Repair plastics with the welding iron.

The welding iron is a very handy tool with which you can repair broken and cracked plastic.

Use the heated metal tip to melt into the plastic and join the parts by rubbing the molten plastic together.

You can remodel missing fragments with a metal mesh. You will also melt a metal mesh into the plastic for filling larger holes and for mounting brackets.

Repairing with a welding iron is very easy to learn. This technique is very popular to weld parts of the car and motorcycle and to repair canoes or kayaks.

Join plastic with the heating welding rod.

The heating welding rod is a plastic rod with resistance wires embedded in it.

You generate heat with the current by applying a voltage. The heating welding rod then melts itself and the plastic parts at the same time. You then join the parts under pressure.

The heating welding rod is often used to weld in areas that cannot be reached by conventional methods.

Plastic welding rod

Always use the same type of plastic to weld your plastic parts.

We offer a selection of different materials.

We are also happy to manufacture your own welding rod especially for you according to your requirements. In a specific color or even from your own material.

Professional welding equipment

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