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We produce your welding rod according to your requirements.

Your request

You tell us which material you need in which colour.
We take care of the procurement of the material and the colour.

Your material

We also work with your own material.
Then the characteristic and the colour will perfectly match your product.

Your welding rod

Custom production is possible even for small quantities.
We produce promptly and reliably.

Custom production

Which materials can be used?

We handle thermoplastics that are harmless to health and not fibre-reinforced.

You are welcome to send us a technical data sheet. We will then check whether processing is possible.

We use plastic granulate and powder (i.e. rotational powder).

Diameter and geometry

We produce round wires. Common diameters are 3 mm and 4 mm.

We can produce wires up to 5 mm thick, but also thinner. For example in 1.75 mm as filament for your 3D printer.

Spool size and weight

About 2.0 – 2.2 kg of welding wire fit on a normal spool. These have a diameter of 30 cm and are approx. 10 cm wide.

Wider spools are also feasible on request. Then 5 or 8 kg fit on one spool.

How much material is needed?

We also need some material to set up the extrusion line in addition to your required quantity. That is usually 5 – 10 kg.

Advantages of your own material

The right choice

Using the right welding rod is a requirement for a strong and durable weld. Manufacturers of plastic parts need the specially made welding rod to obtain non-visible weld seams.

Kunststoffschweissdraht plastic welding rod

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