Heating welding rod

Resistance wires generate the melt

Advantages of the heating welding rod

There are metal wires in the heating welding rod.

You heat the metal wires by applying a voltage and melt the heating welding rod and the surface of your joining parts.

Press the parts to be joined together and switch off the voltage source when you have melted the heating rod.

Nach dem Abkühlen erhalten Sie eine feste Verbindung der Fügeteile mit einer optisch unauffälligen Schweißnaht.

Heizschweissdraht Powercore Heating welding rod

The heating welding rod is melted by electricity.

The stable welding is visually inconspicuous.


You insert the heating welding rod into a groove of your joining part.

Leave approx. 10 mm of the rod protruding from the joint. Heat the ends and draw off the melt.

Crimp the now exposed resistance wires together with a wire end ferrule.

Fix the heating welding rod with a hot air gun or the Injectiweld.

Now place the upper joining part and clamp it in place.

Now turn on the power source.

You need a current of 6 – 8 ampere for melting.

The voltage is approx. 32 volts for a length of 1 meter at 8 ampere.

Switch off the power source when the heating rod has completely melted and apply joining pressure to the parts to be joined.

Cut the ends off the heating welding rod after it has cooled down.

You can drill out the ends and weld the hole shut if you wish.
Then the heating welding rod is completely integrated into the joining part.

You get a strong welded joint which is visually inconspicuous because the joint is located between the parts.

Properties of the heating rod

The heating welding rod is available in PE or PP.

Resistance wires are wound around the core. A coat of the same plastic is placed over these resistance wires.

The heating welding rod has a nominal diameter of 4.7 mm.

The heating welding rod is flexible and you can shape it into almost any form.

  • Material PE oder PP

    Natural colour

  • Power 6 - 8 A

    per 1 meter

  • Voltage 24 - 32 V

    per 1 meter

  • Diameter 4,7 mm
  • Length ~ 300 m

    on a spool

Heizschweissdraht Powercore Heating welding rod

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Insert the heating welding rod.
Clamp the jointed parts.
Apply voltage.
Weld pipe part.
Weld injection moulded part.
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Weld foil.
Weld large parts.

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