Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermoplastic. This plastic has a high transparency.

Polycarbonate has a high thermal resistance.

In addition to the high flexural strength and impact strength, the high strength and hardness are good technical properties of this material.

Polycarbonate is resistant to aqueous solutions and to many oils and greases. Polycarbonate is not resistant to alcohols and solvents. PC is also a hydrolysis-sensitive polyester. Long exposure to hot water can cause stress cracking. This plastic does not have a scratch-resistant surface.

Polycarbonate is resistant to ignition, the flame usually extinguishes after the source of ignition is removed.

We know polycarbonate from optical data mediums (CD, Blu-Ray), clear containers and from transparent plastic sheets (visual protection), protective eyewear and lenses.

Polycarbonate processes well in 3D printing and has the highest strength of all transparent 3D materials. Alternative 3D materials are only PET and BendLay.

PC Polycarbonat​ Schweißdraht Polycarbonat​e welding rod

Polycarbonate has high transparency and temperature resistance.

PC is a very rigid material with a glossy surface.

Processing PC / Polycarbonate

PC is a hydrophilic material. We recommend tempering the welding rod before processing for this reason.

You can use all standard welding equipment. A hot air tool, an injectiweld or extruder.

PC can be post-processed well. It can be sawed and glued.

Processing temperature
approx. 265 °C
Drying temperature
approx. 80 - 85 °C
Drying time
2 - 5 h
Temperature resistance
110 - 120 °C
~ 1.2 g/cm3

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The rod is unwound without overlapping, tangling or knotting.

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