for coating concrete, wood and steel

Advantages of the EkoLiner

Ekoliner is a PE liner with a non-woven fabric on the back.

Use the EkoLiner to cover concrete, wood, steel and other materials.

The result is a surface with high chemical resistance and impermeability.

Slip resistance and wear resistance also meet high requirements.

The EkoLiner is especially suitable for lining concrete pipes and for the protection of concrete and surfaces.


The EkoLiner is made of PE.

The EkoLiner has a non-woven fabric on the back.

Protects against moisture and chemicals.


The EkoLiner is used to line concrete pipes and create smooth channels.

The EkoLiner increases the flow velocity at low flow rates and provides a strong drag effect (even in dry weather).

EkoLiner proves its worth against corrosion caused by aggressive waters in industry, landfill leachate and in the entire wastewater technology due to its high effectiveness against deposits and protection for groundwater and soil due to its high resistance against chemical and biological components.

The edges are welded and you obatin a completely closed surface ffter installation.

EkoLiner made of PE with non-woven fabric on the back.

Delivery form

The EkoLiner is made of black PE-LLD (UV stabilised) and is supplied as a roll.

  • Material PE-LLD

    UV stabilised

  • Colour Schwarz
  • Thickness 3 mm

    of the PE foil

  • Roll length 40 Meter

    ± 0,5 m

  • Width 1.500 mm

    ± 10 mm

  • Weight ~ 180 kg

    per Roll

Concrete pipe lining with the Ekoliner

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