Unroll stand for spools

Handy, versatile and ideally suited for repairs

Advantages of our unrolling aid

The spool of welding rod is placed on the unwind stand.

The coil is slightly braked during unwinding.

The rod does not get knotted or overlapped anymore.

Work frustration-free with the robust unwinding aid for welding rod spools.


Unwind without knotting or tangling.

Practical and robust.


The unroll tool has a stable stand and is essential when you are welding with welding rod from the spool.

The welding rod is threaded through the lateral guide opening and the spool is put on the axle.

The rotation of the spool is slightly slowed down when you pull on the rod. The spool will not continue to roll if the rod is not pulled.

You will unwind the spool without any knotting, tangling or overturning of the welding rod.

You can remove the feet for transport.

Practical and convincing.

  • Suitable for 30 cm Spulen

    according DIN 8559

  • Axle diameter 50 mm
  • Spool width 10 cm
  • Material thickness 15 mm
  • Weight 2,2 kg
  • Material PE
  • Colour Schwarz

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