3D Filament

we manufacture many filaments for 3D printing

Advantages of our 3D filaments

We manufacture 3D filaments ourselves and offer you many different plastics.

You will find standard materials such as PLA and ABS, but also materials for higher requirements and special filament for particularly unusual applications.

We achieve your satisfaction through good printing results with a reliable reproducibility with our demand for a high and consistent quality of the 3D filament.

We are happy to make a special production of 3D filament according to your wishes.

3D Filament von Orbi-Tech

Convince yourself of our large selection and good quality.

You will also find special 3D filament.

The 3D Printing

The 3D printing process in which our 3D filament is used is called FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) and FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication).

The material is fed to the 3D printer as rod (the filament).

The 3D printer melts the plastic and places layers on the printing platform. This is done repeatedly at a height of 0.05 to 1 mm. This is how the three-dimensional object is created.

This technique is the cheapest and a very common solution. The 3D printers are inexpensive and compact.

We test our 3D filaments on various printers. For this reason, we can ensure that our 3D filaments will also process well with common printers.

The achievable quality of the prints also depends on the printer used.
The precise movement and adjustment of the printer is very important. We recommend that you use a good print head with accurate temperature control.

A heatable printing plate also helps with many plastics.
Some plastics shrink when they cool down. A heated print palte helps to keep this shrinkage low and improves the adhesion of the material to the print platform.

Do not print too fast.
We have made the experience that the print results are often better at low speed.

Many users are excited.

The industry and professional users use our 3D filament to realise their projects.

You will benefit from our selection and high quality.

Use our 3D filaments for your desktop printer or large capacity printer.

Our 3D filaments have a diameter of 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm.

We offer our 3D filaments in different colours.

Richness of colour

Make your objects colourful.
Suitable for your project, for the visual demarcation of different parts and as a great eye-catcher.

Variety of materials

You will obtain different materials from us as 3D filament.

ABS and PLA are conventional materials. ASA is more weather resistant than ABS. PET is just as easy to print as PLA, but is more flexible and does not break as quickly. ABS/PC is stronger than ABS or ASA. PC is very transparent. BendLay is transparent and bendable. Soft-PLA is soft and flexible.

We present a brief overview of the different materials here.

You will receive your 3D filament from us neatly wound on a spool.

Spool with 750 g 3D Filament.
PC Polycarbonat​ Schweißdraht Polycarbonat​e welding rod
Spool with 2.3 kg 3D Filament.

You wish your own 3D filament in a certain colour or from a special material? Learn more about the custom production.

We will be happy to help you with any questions.

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MaterialDichteErweichungs­temperaturErweichungs­temperaturZug­festigkeitZug­festigkeitStreck­dehnungE-ModulE-ModulTrocknenTrocknen3D Druck TemperaturDruckbettDruckbett3D Filament
ABS1,05 g/cm3100 °C10045 MPa452,6 %2.190 MPa219085 °C 2-5 h85255 °C105 °C105Shop
smartABS1,09 g/cm3100 °C10040 MPa402,7 %2.040 MPa204080 °C 2-3 h80255 °C90 °C90Shop
ABS/PC1,1 g/cm3110 °C11055 MPa5550 %2.590 MPa259090 - 110 °C 2-4 h90255 °C105 °C105Shop
ASA1,07 g/cm3110 °C11055 MPa553,5 %2.590 MPa259085 °C 2-4 h85255 °C105 °C105Shop
BendLay1,02 g/cm378 °C7825 MPa252,0 %1.500 MPa150070 °C 1-3 h70210 °C60 °C60Shop
HiPS1,04 g/cm395 °C9525 MPa251,5 %1.990 MPa199080 °C 2-3 h80230 °C90 °C90Shop
Moldlay1,18 g/cm355 °C5542 MPa4220 %1.950 MPa195070 °C 1-3 h70190 °C25 °C25Shop
Nylon / PA1,01 g/cm3140 °C14040 MPa405,0 %1.390 MPa139085 °C 3-5 h85255 °C105 °C105Shop
PC1,2 g/cm3140 °C14065 MPa656,0 %2.390 MPa2390120 °C 4 h120240 °C105 °C105Shop
PET1,29 g/cm378 °C7850 MPa504,0 %2.970 MPa297070 °C 6 h70220 °C70 °C70Shop
PLA1,24 g/cm372 °C72108 MPa10816 %3.290 MPa329085 °C 2-4 h85210 °C60 °C60Shop
Soft-PLA1,4 g/cm390 °C9016 MPa16300 %380 MPa38085 °C 2-4 h85220 °C70 °C70Shop
TPE0,97 g/cm380 °C 2-4 h80210 °C70 °C70Shop
TPU1,2 g/cm340 MPa40600 %12 Mpa12100 °C 1-2 h100210 °C70 °C70Shop