Polypropylene + Elastomer


PP-EPDM consists mostly of polypropylene and part of a softer elastomer.

Parts made of PP-EPDM are more flexible than those made of pure PP. For this reason, bumpers or wheel arches on cars are preferably made from this plastic.

PP-EPDM is chemically resistant to many acids, alkalis, oils and greases.

PP-EPDM can be welded reliably. For parts from the car you use a welding iron otherwise a hot air tool, an Injectiweld or an Extruder.

PP-EPDM Schweißdraht welding rod

PP-EPDM is used to make bumpers and wheel arches on cars.

PP-EPDM is softer and more flexible than pure PP.

Processing PP-EPDM

PP-EPDM is a non-polar material. For this reason, we recommend abrading the surface in the joining area.

You can use all standard welding equipment. A hot air tool, an injectiweld or extruder.

PP-EPDM can be easily post-processed. It can be drilled, sawn, machined and varnished.

Processing temperature
approx. 250 °C
No drying required
Temperature resistance
80 - 100 °C
~ 1.0 g/cm3

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The rod is unwound without overlapping, tangling or knotting.

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