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Drader Injectiweld Injection Moulding

Spritzgießen im Handbetrieb.
Hand held Injection Moulding .

Super fast Injection Moulding Prototyping

Inject your moulds with the Drader Injectiweld. Save time and money with this easy short term and economic prototyping. You produce prototypes with thermoplastic material, that you´re planing to use for your product.

The easy way to inject mould prototypes and for small series of products.
For bigger moulds please heat up the mould before injecting.
The machine uses standard welding rod.

Prinzip Spritzgießen

Injection Moulding with the Drader Injectiweld made by hand.
We train your personnel and advise you in questions about your form design.
Do not hesitate to contact us for test demonstrations. You´ll get samples and demonstrating dates fast and without obligation.

Ständer für das Spritzgießen
Drader injectiweld in a stand for Injection Moulding.

As accessories we offer a special stand for more ease work of injection and a standard tip for injection moulding.

Bauanleitung für den Spritzguß-Ständer Instruction leafet for Injection Moulding stand as pdf...

The stand helps you to make a more products in shorter term.

Do you know a more easy and more economic way of injection moulding prototypes?

Drader Injectiweld uses compressed air. This means:

Strong, Low noise, Low weight.

Informations-Broschüre zum Spritzgießen Information-Bruchure about Injection Moudling with the Drader injectiweld as pdf...


Welding gun with one welding tip for injection moulding an one tip of your choice, heat transfer paste for welding tips, air filter set, technical handbook with part listing and stand. (Price without VAT € 3,360.50)

For more details on Drader Injectiweld click here ...

Unroll Stand for Welding Rod Spools

Order our brand new unroller for welding rod spools .

  • no hasps or hooks of the welding rod
  • no more disturbance or inadvertent interuption of the welding procedure
  • no lying on the ground and getting dirty

more Informations about the unroll stand

Plastic Welding Rod

We produce plastic-welding-rod in all colors.

Welding-Rod-SpoolsQuick Service:
You ship your resin or powder to us and we´ll produce the welding rod even in single spools.

more informations about plastic-welding-rod