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Orbi-Tech Startseite

Semi-finished parts of plastic

Round bars of plastic, Welding-rod, Foils, Plates, Webs, Profiles



Plate-material for construction (welding or bolting) and vacuum-forming (deep-drawing).

Datenblatt verwendeter Materialien Datasheet of used materials as pdf...
Ekoboard-Lieferprogramm Ekoboard®-delivery program as pdf...

extraordinary applications for PE-Sheets...


Products for durable, wear-steady protection of concrete, wood, metal ... against aggressive chemiacals. Impermeable to liquids, maintance-free and shockproof.
Employment in concrete pipes, basins, foodstuff industry, liquid manure- and dropping cavities.


Bent for temporary or durable enweaving into fences of wire neting or lattices. Looks very beautiful, provides privatsphaere and protects against wind and noise.

Ekoshield-Lieferprogramm Ekoshield®-delivery program as pdf...



elastic, skid-proof and wear-steady base paltes.
Alternative connected with bending-resistance Polyethylen among other floor heating-elements and paneling of convex stable-grounds.

Ekogrip-Lieferprogramm Ekogrip®- and Ekonop®- delivery program as pdf...


Substrate gutter for horticulture, products for shore-proteciton, traffic-signs. Technical plastics. Consultation for plastic processing plants and industry. Import / Export: worldwide.

plastic for geotechnic on request.