PE-HD Repair-Sticks (25 Sticks at 20 cm) Black

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Product no.: 7061005
Manufacturer: Orbi-Tech
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Products description

Repair your canoe or kayak, the ski or running surface of your snowboard.

Garden furniture is often made out of of polyethylene, as well as pipes, canisters and facings of the lawnmower.
Container such as a rain barrel or a rain water tank is made out of polyethylene as well.

Polyethylene has a waxy surface and can´t usually be glued or painted.

You can use this material with either a hot air tool or a repair welding iron.

These repair sticks are made our of PE-HD. PE-HD (high density) is harder than PE-LLD (linear low density). Sheets and semi-finished products are often made out of PE-HD.

Content25 Sticks, each 20 cm, ~4 mm round 
Diameter~ 4 mm

Product Features

20 cm

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