Repair Kits for plastics

Repair Kits

Repair your broken plastic parts. It s easy to use and gives great results.

Melt the plastic with the heated welding tip and smooth the surface.

You can use a Repair-Stick to fill the surface. Just choose the same material.

Using a metal mash is optional, but reiforces the area and missing parts can be shaped.

Professional repairs with reference to DVS 1110-3
This is the german technical-scientific, non-profit society for welding.

The repair is made by homogeneous welding of the damaged area with a welding iron.
You will need a repair stick from the same plastic type.

There are two different versions.
T-80 is the wired solution with a precise electrical temperature control for the workshop
G-80 is the mobile variant of the welding iron for boat rental or any ourdoor activity like camping.

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Cleaning Piston

Cleaning Piston

Brass Brush

Brass Brush

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