Reinforcement Grid (~ 20 x 30 cm)

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Manufacturer: Orbi-Tech
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Products description

Flexibly metall grid to make the plastic stronger at the repaired area.
You can remodel missing parts or use it for cleaning and closing holes.

After tacking the repair area, the reinforing grid ist molten with the heated welding iron tip around the location of the damage area.
The metal mash has two tasks. On the one hand ist increases the tensile strength of the repair (such as glass fiber mats in glass fiber reinforced plastics).
On the other hand, the heat of welding iron conducts through the reinforcing grid deeply into the plastic.

The flexible mash is also suitable for remodeling of missing pieces or to clean holes. We always give the preference to homogeneous welding of thermoplastic (ie, meltable) plastics because of the highest long-term strength that will be achieved without having to excessively large amounts of melt from the repair sticks similar to the use of adhesives that would be required.
The reinforcement grid is also useful for the repair that is made with adhesives, fillers or melt adhesives.

Dimension: approx. 20 cm x 30 cm
Content: 1 piece

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