Plastic welding with the Extruder

How does it work?

The plastic is melted by the preheated air.
The melt is constantly transported, so that a smooth weld is produced.
For different applications a suitable welding shoe is chosen.

What preparations do I have to take?

Remove the remains of the dust or dirt and the oxidlayer from the plastic surface. Scratch herefor the surface with a sharp object.

How do I operate an extruder?

Install the welding shoe and the hot air nozzle, which are suitable for your application. Now put the hot air hood on the heat guard of the melting chamber, so that the welding shoe warms up and the surrounding will be protected from damage. Afterwards the extruder can be supplied with voltage. Please choose a temperature that suits to your material. The heat up phase takes about 10 to 15 minutes. 

How do I weld with the extruder?

Aim the hot air jet on the welding area. Activate the drive when the surface is beginning to melt. The melt comes out now. Take care that during the weldingprocess a small roll of melt is produced in front of the welding shoe.  Now move the extruder with slow speed over the melting zone.

What do I do after the welding process?

Deactivate the heating (e. g. by the return button). Remove the welding shoe and take away the plastic remainders.

After a sufficient time to cool down the plastic material, the weld can be worked over. Smooth overcoming welds with a weld trimmer, a plane or a sharp knife.

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