Lay-Felt 3D Filament 1.75 mm 250 g

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Products description

Lay-Felt is similar to placing them in water-based felt. It is stable, flexible but not elastic.

With Lay-Felt fibrous objects can be created, such as water treatment filter or felt-like fabrics.

Poro-Lay Lay-Felt Filament

The material consists of two parts: an elastomer that is responsible for the rubber-like feel and material property, and a water-soluble ingredient. After printing, the object is placed in water whereby after one and four days, leaving behind the elastomer, and thus the soft porous object.

Rinse in water:
- print thin walls and heep filling rate as low as possible to shorten the time for rinsing
- gently rinse with water, hot water and patience provides good results
- you can clearly notice the effect and that the material is getting softer after one day
- after three days every PVA should be gone
- stir and change the water often
- you can reduce the rinsing time by using an ultrasonic cleaner
- remaining water can be removed from the object quickly by using a clothes dryer
- repeatedly rinsing: fresh water ? Wait ? Dryer ? fresh water ? Wait ? Dryer
- PVA residues feel greasy, like sugar syrup
- remove all PVA residues

Poro-Lay are experimental filaments for experimental and experienced user. Help for processing and a great ideas for new 3D objects can be found in the prestigious forums.

The components of Poro-Lay are harmless and food safe. The water-soluble component is even biocompatible. However, we strongly advise not to eat the material.

Poro-Lay is best stored dry. If the material absorbed moisture after some time, the filament can be dryed in an oven at about 80 ° C for four to five hours. We recommend to dry the filament before the very first print.

Nominal diameter1.75 mm 
Printing temperature220 - 240 °C 
Hardnessnot necessary, likely 50 °C 
Length>  meter 
Weightapprox. 250 g 

The filament comes in a reseable zip bag.

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250 g
Delivery form:
Lay-Felt 3D Filament 1.75 mm 250 g
Lay-Felt 3D Filament 1.75 mm 250 g
Lay-Felt 3D Filament 1.75 mm 250 g

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