PLA 3D Filament 1.75 mm, 750 g, Metallic-Blau

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Products description

One spool with plastic filament out of PLA in Metallic-Blue.

PLA Standard is a hard material that is bendable like PS.

Nominal diameter1.75 mm 
Materialrigid Standard Polylactic Acid / Polylactide
Length> 260 meter 
Weightapprox. 750 g (without blank spool) 
Dimension (reel)outer Ø ~ 200 mm, width ~ 55 mm 

Our PLA is suitable for 3D printers with or without Heated Bed. If you are not using a Heated Bed, we recommend to use a suitable tape on the printing  plate and, if necessary, to roughen it. Do you want to print with activated Heated Print Bed, we recommend temperatures of 40 to 60 ° C.

The temperature for the Hotend is depends heavily on its precision and more than that of the printing speed.
You will get very good printing results with temperatures from 195 to 240 °C at print speeds from 35 to 100 mm/.

PLA has very minimal shrinkage (warp) for easy printing of detailed objects.

We manufacture the filament with great care. Diameter and roundness are controlled with high-precision laser-supported instruments.
The homogeneity and good flow properties provide high-quality printing results.

No danger to your health: This filament does not contain any hazardous chemical substances. The material is harmless in contact with the human skin and in contact with food. The material meets the requirement of the European Union Food Contact Regulation (EU) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
This filament is RoHS certified and REACH compliant.

Product Features

~260 m
1.24 g/cm3
Processing temperature:
Printing plate:
Softening temperature:
~72°C Vicat A
Tensile strength:
~108 MPa
Tensile strain:
~3,540 MPa
EU food safe & FDA conform
Reach & RoHS conform:
Reach & RoHS konform
Delivery form:
Spool 200x55m, hole 51mm
PLA 3D Filament 1.75 mm, 750 g, Metallic-Blau
PLA 3D Filament 1.75 mm, 750 g, Metallic-Blau

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