ChamberLay 130°C 3D Support Filament, 250 g, 1.75 mm

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Manufacturer: LAYFilaments
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  • Products description

    One coil with support plastic 3D filament out of ChamberLay 130°C.

    ChamberLay is the support material for heated build chambers and for high-temperature materials.
    ChamerLay 3D filament is available in two versions. For build spaces up to ~100°C and up to ~130°C.

    This support material is an attractive alternative to HiPS and PVA. ChamberLay is water soluble. After soaking in water, the flaky residue can be easily removed with a brush.
    ChamberLay is printed at approx. 240 °C.

    Compared to PVA, ChamberLay absorbs moisture from the ambient air moderately quickly. ChamberLay can be dried at approx. 80°C and a drying time of approx. 3 hours.

    + for use in a heated pressure chamber up to approx. 130°C
    + suitable as support material for Nylon, ABS, PC, PET, PLA, PU and many other plastics
    + improved printing viscosity, printing temperature ~ 235 - 255 °C
    + stable during long mould change times
    + improved thermal stability
    + very fast dissolving, the flaky residues are removed with a brush.

    Nominal diameter 1.75 mm  
    Material Lay-Cloud 3D support material
    Colour natural / yellowish  
    Length > 75 meter  
    Weight approx. 250 g (without package)  
    Dimension (coil) Ø ~ 200 mm  

    The ChamberLay is very suitable as a support material for 3D printing of high-temperature plastics like Nylon and for use in heated print chambers.

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    250 g
    1.75 mm
    ~75 m
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