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Questions about your order or account:

How is the order process?

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How can I pay?

We ask for payment in advance by transfer or payment with PayPal.

How and when will my order be dispatched?

We will dispatch your order after receipt of your payment and ship it in an insured parcel.

What are my account advantages?

You can check the status of your order.
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Technical questions and explanations of terms:

Which material do I need?

      In many cases you will find a stamp at the back of your plastic part.
      You can classify the material by yourself by test welding.
      How you can test it, is described here...

What is ...

   ... a thermoplastic?
      Thermoplastics are composed of linear or branched chain molecules.
      They are soft and elastic at room temperature and can be welded.

   ... a thermosetting duroplast?
      Duroplasts are heavily cross-linked molecules, that they are
      hard at room temperature and can not be welded.

   ... an elastomer?
      Elastomers consist of long molecular chains, which are linked by vulcanization.
      In the final state elastomers can not be welded.


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