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How you can specify the type of plastic

How do I find out, which welding rod I need?

You will find a stamp very often that indicates the plastic. If not, you have to try.
It is the safest method to specify the plastic by test welding.
We do not recommend to do any "burning tests". The vapours can be dangerous!

How do I specify the plastic with the welding iron?

The welding iron makes it very easy to specify the material..
Place the hot welding tip on the plastic.
Hold a repair stick on top of the hot tip at the same time.
Watch now, how both plastics are melting.
Now pull the tip carefully away and push the repair stick into the melt of the molten surface.
Do not exert too much pressure, so that the melt is not pushed away laterally.
Let the joint area cool down.
If you can´t remove the repair stick by pulling or bending, you have specified the correct material.

How to repair plastics with the welding iron,
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How do I make a welding test with a hot air gun?

First, remove the oxide layer of the serviceable plastic part with a blade.
Now weld a few inches of a about 20 cm long welding rod with the welding shoe or by welding by hand with the round nozzle.
Let the joint area cool down.
Now try to pull off the welding rod from the surface.
If the welding rod sticks to the surface, you have specified the material.

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