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Warm Gas Rivets

Operational principle:

Warm gas rivets is a thermal joining process for connecting parts of different or same materials. The rivet shank end, consisting of a thermoplastic plastic, is plastified by hot air. Subsequently, the forming of the rivet head with a cold stamp takes place.

Principle of a multiple warm gas rivet joint:

Application references:

Warmgasnieten im Einsatz

Warm gas heating up is very well suitable to plastic rivets due to the depth effect during the plasticizing.

Further advantages:

  • good automizableness
  • particle-free process
  • strong connections
  • economical hardware
  • no mechanical load of sensitive construction units

Satisfied materials:

  • PA (Polyamid)
  • PBT (Polybutylentherephthalat)
  • POM (Polyoxymethylene)
  • PP (Polypropylene)

Samples of application:

  • connection of metal / plastic
  • connection of different plastics
  • flanges at Displaywindow connection ...

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