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Unroll Stand

Dispenser for plastic spools

Abrollhilfe für Schweißdrahtspulen

Unroller for economical and safe work.
(the spools, shown on the picture is not included)

The welding rod spool is pushed onto the unroller easily. The rod is easily braked, unreeled without estimating. No hasps or hooks of the welding rod any more, no disturbance or inadvertent interruption of the welding procedure, no lying on the floof and getting dirty.

  • unrooler stand solid and made of durably plastic 15mm
  • durable for building sites and workshop
  • or unreeling rods, in particular rounded rods of plastic

Your employees will be impressed.

Order our brand new Dispenser for welding rod spools.

Nominal diameter of spools: 300mm
Broad: 100mm
Inner diameter: 50mm

To be used wiht (for example) spools D 300 according to DIN 8559.

Plastic Welding Rod

We produce plastic-welding-rod in all colors .

Welding-Rod-SpoolsQuick Service:
You ship your resin or powder to us and we´ll produce the welding rod even in single spools.

more informations about plastic-welding-rod