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Ekoliner® for concreting and gluing on:
Concrete-protection- and sanitation-bent

Protection for groundwaters and ground by high chemical and biological Constancy.
Protection against corrosion by aggressive waters in the industry, against dump seeping water and the entire waste water engineering.

A progressiv concept with proven elements.

Auskleidung von Betonrohren

Lining of concrete pipes

Increased velocity of flow with small flow, strong dragging effect even at dry weather.
Effectively against deposits.
Doubbled security by PE-protected concrete.

Informationen zum Auskleiden mit ekoliner Informations about Lining with the Ekoliner® as pdf...

Anbackungen in einem Tonwerk

Lining against caking

Protection against caking, example: clay works.

Applications at dump hollows, plants, tasks, process and storage spaces. In excavator and charger blades the entire volume is used, because it dosn´t come to considerable caking.

Auskleidung mit dem Ekoliner gegen Anbackungen Lining with the Ekoliner® against cacking as pdf...

Processing references:

Processing references for partial linings of conrete pipes.

Allgemeine Verlegehinweise General processing references for the Ekoliner® as pdf...

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Full lining with the Ekoliner®