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Rotational Friction Welding

Operational Principle:

The procedure is applicable for parts with rotational symetric joining areas. The welding joint is reached by pressing of a rotary part on the fixed counterpart. The contact pressure depends on the fusion viscosity, while the rotation speed is to be adapted to the diameter of the joining areas. Usually inexpensive, pneumatically operated rotation drives are used. Easy parts can be well welded even on bench drills. For angleexact welds, mostly electric drives are used in combination with hydromechanical turning transmissions , to be able to stop the rotating motor suddenly.

Satisfied weld shapes for Rotational-Friction-Welding

automated rotational friction welding

Application references:

The joining areas of the welding parts are to be designes according to the requirements of the welding joint.

Copared with other welding methods the necessary devices are econoically and extreme reliable.

Special rotray drives ensure, that the parts to be welded are positioned angleexactly to each other..

Satisfied material:

Nearly all common thermoplastics can be processed problem-free. With lowviscous melts the danger exists, that the melt breaks, if the friction movement is not stopped immediately.

Sample applications for the rotational friction welding:

Flanges and nipples of containers, filters and valves, tube ends and angles, distributors with angle flanges, special fittings for household appliances, rivets and flangesof different materials, stud welding, ring element welding.