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Repair Examples

Repair of a bumper

Repair of a bike facing

Crack in a bike facing:

The defective parts are welded from the inside and outside.

The surface gets polished.

The stable repair is finished. Now the part can be painted.

Back of a furnishing.

Attached crack.

Bringing in the reinforcing grid..

Finished repair.

Stand of a model airplane.
The mounting plate is broken .

Melting the joining parts.

Welded part.

Airplane on the repaired stand.

Joypad: Broken axle of a trigger.

Welding-Stick as new axle.

Non finished repair.

Equipment functional again.

Remote Control.

Batteriy box: clip broken away.

Welded clip.

Battery box cover holds again..

Dolly: broken hand protection.

Melting both joining parts.

Cooling down under adding pressure.

Ready for transportation.