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Electronic Hot Air Guns for professionals

Leistungsstarke, elektronisch geregelte Heißluftgebläse
Application: welding foils.

Powerful, electronical controlled professional heat guns with continuously variable airflow and temperature control.

  • Fully electronic temperature and airflow control
  • Air flow and temperature continiously variable

Steinel HG 2310 LCD
HG 2310 LCD, handy Hot Air Gun with LCD-Display.

For Professionals:

HG 2310 wit LCD-Display - for standard nozzles 34 mm
with digital temperature- and air flow control
Information-Broschure Informations about HG 2310 LCD as pdf...

Steinel HG 5000
HG 4000 E with brushless motor for professional use.

For Experts and Industrial use:

HG 4000 E - for professional nozzles 30 mm
HG 5000 E - for professional nozzles 50 mm
Informations-Broschüre Informations about HG 4000E and HG 5000E as pdf...
Accessories for HG4000E and HG5000E Accessories for HG 4000E and HG 5000E as pdf...

manual HG4000E and HG5000E Manual for HG 4000E and HG 5000E as pdf...

Plastic Welding Rod

We are producing plastic-welding-rod in all colours.

Welding-Rod-SpoolsQuick Service:
You can ship your resin or powder to us and we will produce the welding rod.
(even in single spools)

more informations about plastic-welding-rod