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Welding with the Extruder

Drader Injectiweld W30.000  Drader Injectiweld W30.000

You can make big and smooth welds with an extruder.
The plastic surface is molten by a hot air jet..
The welder moves the welding material with a snake and pushes the melt through the welding shoe.


Drader Injectiweld W 30.000 im stabilen Tragekoffer Extruder are available in different sizes.
The welding shoe is choosen suitable for your application..
There are welding shoes available for Fillet-, Corner-, Foil-, V- And X-welds.

Extruder Overview

MAK 18

MAK 18 Output: 1.100 bis 1.800 g/h

MAK 25

MAK 25 Output: 1.400 bis 2.500 g/h

MAK 58

MAK 58 Output: 3.800 bis 5.800 g/h

MAK 36

MAK 36 Output: 2.000 bis 3.600 g/h

MAK 40

MAK 40 Output: 2.500 bis 3.900 g/h

MAK 65

MAK 40 Output: 4.000 bis 6.500 g/h

You will find many extruders and accessories in our Online-Shop.

Dispenser for Welding Rod Spools

Order our brand snew unroller for welding rod spools .

  • no hasps or hooks of the welding rod
  • no more disturbance or inadvertent interuption of the welding procedure
  • no lying on the ground and getting dirty

more Informations about the unroll stand

Plastic Welding Rod

We produce plastic-welding-rod in all colors.

Welding-Rod-SpoolsQuick Service:
You ship your resin or powder to us and we´ll produce the welding rod even in single spools.

more informations about plastic-welding-rod

PC Cleaning Sticks

Cleaning-sticks for fast color-changes using the Drader Injectiweld.

further informations about cleaning-sticks