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Welding with the Drader Injectiweld

Different applications of the Injectiweld.

Welding solutions for rotomolders.

Repair plastics using the Drader Injectiweld.
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Drader Injectiweld W30.000

Butt Weld tip T20005Butt Weld tip T20004Butt Weld tip T20001The Drader Injectiweld uses interchangeable tips.
With 12 tips, the welder is adaptable to many plastic welding application.


Bull nose tipQuality plastic welds result from Drader´s high pressure, subsurface injection of molten plastic into the weld zone. The Injectiweld´s tip forms the weld zone and prepares the plastic for a high-pressure injection of molten welding rod. Physical mixing of the plastic substrate and the welding rod makes a strong high quality bond.


Lap Weld tipsOverlap Weld tipStandard welding tips are listed below for your convenience. You can get customized tips on request.


Informations-Broschüre zum Kunststoffschweißen mit dem Drader Injectiweld get further informations about plastic welding with the Drader Injectiweld as pdf...

Drader Injectiweld im Tragekoffer


Start Set comes in a strong carrying case including:

Welding gun with two welding tips (1x T20001 and 1x T20010), heat transfer paste for welding tips, air filter set, technical handbook with part listing.

Technical Data:

Watts: 240 V, 400 W
Compressed air: 5,5 - 10,3 bar, 80-100 psi
Injection Pressure: < 100 x air pressure
Output: < 900 g/h
Temperature: 230 - 300 °C
Weight: ca. 2.600 g

Bedienungs- und Wartungshandbuch für den Drader Injectiweld W 30000 Operating and Maintenance Manual for the Drader Injectiweld W 30.000 als pdf...
Schnellübersicht Kunststoffschweißen mit dem Drader Injectiweld Brief description: Plastic Welding with the Drader Injectiweld W 30.000 als pdf...

Injection Moulding with the Drader Injectiweld

Standard Welding Tips

Schweißspitzen für den Drader Injectiweld

Fillet Weld Tips

Butt Weld tip T20005Butt Weld tip T20004Butt Weld tip T20001T20001 T20004 T20005
T20004 (1/4" = 6,4 mm)
T20005 (3/8" = 9,5 mm)
Used for butt and right angle welds.

Butt Weld Tips

Used for welding thermoplastic belting or sealing flat joints.

Lap Weld Tips

Overlap Weld Tip 2.0 mmOverlap Weld Tip 1.5 mmOverlap Weld Tip 1.0 mm

T20011 (0,040" = 1,0 mm)
T20012 (0,060" = 1,5 mm)
T20013 (0,080" = 2,0 mm)

Bullnose Tip

Bullnose Tip 25 mmBullnose Tip 20 mmBullnose Tip 12 mm
Used for closing holes. Widely used to repair blow holes in rotomolded parts.
Various diameters :
12 mm (Standard), 20 mm, 25 mm

Prototyping Tip


Repair Tiplong Prototype tip

Repair Tip


Used for prototyping and repairs, where small welds are required .

Conical Weld Tip

Conical TipT20002
Used for spot welding, crack repair and tac welding.

Blank Tip

Blank TipT20007
Semi finished tips used to design your own welding tip.
Customized tips on request.

Unroll Stand for Welding Rod Spools

Order our brand new unroller for welding rod spools .

  • no hasps or hooks of the welding rod
  • no more disturbance or inadvertent interuption of the welding procedure
  • no lying on the ground and getting dirty

more Informations about the unroll stand

Plastic Welding Rod

We produce plastic-welding-rod in all colors.

Welding-Rod-SpoolsQuick Service:
You ship your resin or powder to us and we´ll produce the welding rod even in single spools.

more informations about plastic-welding-rod

PC Cleaning Sticks

Cleaning-sticks for fast color-changes using the Drader Injectiweld.

further informations about cleaning-sticks