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Repairing a bike facing

Repairing a broken bike facing using the mobile plastic repair kit G-80

Attach the welding tip and fasten the screw.

Turn up the gas output.

Switch on the gas

by pushing up the switch.

Reduce the gas output to the minimum befor starting to weld.

Identify the plastic.Most often you will find a stamp inside of the part. If not, just weld different sticks on the part and find out which material holds.

Remove the varnish

and fix the part in the correct position by tacking with the hot tip.

Tack the parts together at approx. three spots.

For Reinforcements you can melt a metal grid into the material.

Push the grid under the surface using the hot tip to melt up the pastic.

The grid may not been seen after melting it into the material.

Weld now the crack about the hole length by tacking. Push the heated tip deaply into the plastic.

Press the melt together and smooth the surface. That´s how the plastic gets back to a strong bond.

Repeat tacking with a distance of 2 mm about the whole length.

After welding both sides, the surface can be refilled using welding sticks. The welding tip has to stay in contact with the surface to melt it.

Melt up a welding stick in the hole of the tip and push this melt ontop of the molten surface of you part.

The weld is sanded for a even surface.

The mounting hole is drilled out.

The bike facing is ready to be varnished.
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